About us

Who are we?

Created in 2018, Thingva is an independent company active in the pharmaceutical industry, academic research, and 3D printing. Since its creation, Thingva has been able to develop strong partnerships within the University Hospital campus and thus become a new player in technological and industrial innovation.

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A strong regional presence

Bordeaux sites

Established in Bordeaux and Gradignan, Thingva has been able to develop a design and production activity, mainly for the pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.


At the service of laboratories

Thingva carries out studies for all research projects and provides prototypes to carry out your manipulations and experiments.

Design office and manufacturing center

Specialized in the design of Hygienic Design products, we design and produce our own products, here in Bordeaux.

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Thibaut Koch


Industrial pharmacist, Thibaut Koch created THINGVA in 2018 after a professional career of 10 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Retail sector. He implemented the company's commitment to technological partnerships with the University of Bordeaux (FabLab cohabit, IMS, Bordeaux University Hospital, etc.) and then directed its development towards areas of activity related to health and new technologies. Thibaut Koch has been President and CEO of Thingva since 2018.